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What is jaxx wallet online?

We live in an interesting world. Not only is everything changing as quickly as never before, in addition we are "overgrown" with numbers in all its manifestations. In our country, the most controversial are digital assets, otherwise cryptocurrencies.

Feature of cryptocurrencies

Everyone knows what cryptocurrency is, and even more so they know what bitcoin is. By the way, bitcoin is the first ball that was pocketed by supra-government currencies, that is, currencies, by definition, not controlled by the world's states.

However, the impossibility of managing cryptocurrencies does not interfere with the control and prohibition of their official circulation. In our country, the law on digital financial assets was adopted (in 2020) and it prohibits the circulation of cryptocurrencies between individuals, as well as the use of cryptocurrencies to pay for goods and services.

Multicurrency wallet

However, no one forbids having a cryptocurrency, earning it and changing it. The word "have" in this context has no physical meaning. Cryptocurrency cannot be touched, even seen (with rare exceptions). However, it can be earned and accumulated on special . These wallets are called cryptocurrency wallets.

In fact, a cryptocurrency wallet is a program that checks the secret keys of transactions and stores the addresses of the location of the cryptocurrency. If such a program (wallet) is created on a cryptocurrency exchange, then it (wallet) is called hot. It is "hot" because in fact it is available for hacking over the Internet.

If the program (wallet) is stored on an autonomous device (USB, smartphone, even on a piece of paper in a safe), then such a wallet is called cold.

There are over 2,000 cryptocurrencies in existence today. Starting wallets for all cryptocurrencies, or at least hundreds of popular ones, is a stupid task. Exit in the opening of a multicurrency wallet. It will not support all cryptocurrencies in the world, but it will easily master a hundred currencies.

Such a wallet with the most convenient number of supported cryptocurrencies is the Jaxx Liberty multicurrency wallet.

Jaxx Liberty multicurrency wallet

To start a Jaxx Liberty multicurrency wallet, you just need to download the wallet program to your smartphone or other device and make a backup copy of the key. Jaxx online is available for Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Google Chrome extensions. It allows you to create and manage 90+ cryptocurrency wallets through a 12-word phrase. Jaxx has no accounts or passwords.

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