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How to promote your instagram account?

If you type in the search query “how to promote instagram”, “instagram promotion”, then you will find 100500 ways to honestly withdraw your money, as well as a trivial type — you need to learn how to photograph for instagrams just like National Geographic photographers, well, for starters a celebrity so that your photos start to like thousands, hundreds of thousands of fans. I recommend 50 free like instagram.

If you are already famous, you have dozens of awards for the best pictures in your portfolio, then you do not need this article, and with all the rest I can share instructions on how to promote my personal page on Instagram myself and most importantly for free! Go.

Let’s start with the photo itself

We take the most ordinary photo, not a super colorful picture with vivid representatives of the flora and fauna of exotic countries, but the most ordinary photo of the most ordinary Moscow gull, taken in dull gray Moscow near the «Red October», and not on the beach sunny resorts. This photo is ordinary in every sense, except for the color palette, which can distinguish it from the rest of the Instagram photos.

Listing hashtags to publish

Next, we find in the list of services for instagram a link to the most useful service for promotion on Instagram «Websta» and begin the selection of hashtags based on their popularity — these are digital values ​​that display the number of photos published with this hashtag on instagram at the moment. We exclude hashtags that are not related to our topics, on the screen this is the «#colorado» tag, which most likely will not suit us.

We collect all the hashtags in Excel, mark each category of hashtags with a separate color for sorting, generate links to give Instagram photos to visually evaluate the correctness of the hashtag so that there is no garbage, spam or porn and sort by the far right column — the popularity of hashtags for all three categories so that they all line up in descending order, the most popular at the top and not the most popular at the bottom.
* Try not to use hashtags with a popularity of more than 1-3 million, instagram tightened its algorithms and now the chip with hashes of millionaires does not work.

Posting photos on Instagram

There is a photo, tags are collected, you can start publishing the photo itself on Instagram. Copy the first 30 most popular hashtags from the Excel plate and place our photo (hashtags are meant, the popularity of which amounts to hundreds and tens of millions). As soon as this is done, we monitor the activity in the event stream. Usually, the most popular hashtags have an instant reaction and people start to like your photo — this is the first wave, it’s important not to yawn! The first wave gives the fastest and most transient portion of likes on a fresh photo. In the first 2 minutes you can get from 20 to 100 likes, then this activity decreases and after 4-5 minutes it stops altogether.

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