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Types of concrete paving stones, selection and laying rules

The construction market is represented by a variety of materials that are suitable for improving the landscape. Concrete pavers stones are among the most demanded, since the variety of their shapes helps to achieve the maximum aesthetic effect. The ease of installation and resistance to external influences made the paving stone number one among the materials of its link.

What types are there

Paving stones differ in the processing method, thickness, color and shape. Most often, attention is paid to such types of material:

  • Rectangular. It belongs to the most popular, due to the ease and practicality of styling.

  • Curly. Satisfies the requirements of the most sophisticated design ideas. However, during installation, difficulties may arise with it.

  • Classic. Before laying, the material is sawn off from the 4th side, and the outer and inner parts are chipped off. There are no difficulties with installation.

  • Round. Mosaic patterns are most often laid with round building stones.

  • Massive. The material is used when a large area is required to fill.

paving stone paving slabs

How to choose the right one

A professional builder knows how to lay concrete paving stones in various ways. The choice often falls on an arcuate, arbitrary, circular, fan-shaped, scaly, checkerboard pattern. However, before the installation method, it is worth deciding on the size and shape of the starting material. The layout of a small pattern is carried out using irregular tiles, the sizes of which are 7x7x5 or 5x5x3. The geometric pattern requires that the building stone be of the following parameters: 20х10х4,5.

Installation of paving stones on a concrete base

The approach will provide more durable coverage and resistance to external conditions. To meet the standards, you should follow the sequence of actions:

  • Site preparation. The selected area is fenced off with pegs, between which a thread is drawn.

  • Installation of curbs. It is worth continuing to work after that at least in a day.

  • Reinforcement and moisture removal. To strengthen the foundation, a 15 cm mesh is used. An asbestos pipe cut into parts and laid on each square meter will help to avoid the accumulation of water on the surface.

  • Pouring concrete. The prepared solution is poured and left to solidify.

  • Additional layer. Concrete can only be laid on concrete with a layer. For her, a cement-sand mixture is chosen, with which the site is covered with a layer of at least 10 cm.

  • Laying paving stones. The tiles should be laid with 5 mm joints, this will help reduce the risk of cracking when it is displaced under the influence of external conditions.

You can order the laying of concrete paving stones in the driveway or near a country house. by contacting the company «Perfect Pavers». By clicking on the link perfectpavers.com/top-5-beautiful-pool-deck-designs on the official website of the company, you can familiarize yourself with examples of laying tiles, as well as the advantages of its use.

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